Darian Renee is an American singer-songwriter, music producer, actress, entrepreneur and media personality. Darian is rapidly causing a ruckus in the Pacific Northwest as she emerges as a premier songwriter and musician. A gen
uine lyricist and captivating performer, this young pop singer has gathered critical acclaim for her EP "The Other Side of Someday" released in 2014, as well as her work in various media on YouTube and appearances in pop culture.
Coming from humble beginnings, this Boise, ID native has let hard work become her norm. At just 22, Darian's music is known for channeling refreshingly honest testimony through candid lyricism as well as expressing relentlessly energetic showmanship through catchy, expertly crafted composition.
Darian's music, melodies and entrancing presence on stage have captivated audiences and gained a steadily growing anticipation for her upcoming work. With a growing resume of performances, she has already captured crowds at the likes of Sasquatch, VanFest, and South by So What?! She hopes to continue adding festivals to her growing list. The momentum that this pop-singing wild card has created is slowly sparking an imminent breakthrough to new thresholds and new heights for all to be a part of. 
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Darian attended Berklee College of Music for Audio Production and has many live and studio engineering credits to account for. 
Writing credits can be found on BMI & production repetoire will be posted here shortly.
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Darian currently offers private instruction from the comfort of her studio in downtown Boise, Idaho. She offers one-on-one courses in Voice, Piano, Audio Production, Music Business and Personal Brand Consulting. 
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